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  • 06 Jun 2019
    As always, the new alliance in the RPG Path of Exile will not only attract new mechanisms, but will also bring unique rewards. What exactly these looks are and how many tasks you have to master are finally clear. It won't be long, then it will go again in Path of Exile: Last Friday, June 7th, 2019, the development of a new league action RPG in New Zealand. This provides the start of the entry players back to everything - anyone can start at level 1, play the law and manage the Atlas map again. However, the whole thing of course has his new incentives: after the revision, especially the melee game mode update 3.7.0, improved the visual clarity of the beginning of the animation production. For those who don’t have enough reasons, it may be useful for them to challenge the unique rewards of the league. As before, you can unlock, you can no longer pick up the upgrade of POE Items within the Legion account, who missed the Legion, who just missed it. Champion T (losing special bosses, self-used items, exploring areas) a certain number of challenges they face, depending on many challenges that can be leveraged by new rewards for their switches: Boulder helmet (after 12 challenges) Boulders Aura (24 after the challenge overcomes) Monolith Wingback (experienced 36 challenges) While irregular players may easily be at the helm of the league for about three months, the latter two rewards or POE Currency are more of a category that you must work hard for. In some cases, when you carry Encounter randomly, you can only get the necessary number of completed challenges. Then provide some of this in the chat, so keep your eyes peeled, or just ask if your partner has the "hand" experience.At
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  • 05 Jun 2019
    The large Rocket League tournament in Dallas this weekend will have a $100,000 prize pool that will provide the last chance for some of the biggest teams before the next World Championship. Now in the seventh season, the Rocket League champion series is divided into four continents. The winners of the largest divisions, NRG Esports in North America and Renault in Europe, struggled with their group in the game that started earlier today, And Vitality has broken into the finals in a shocking defeat. In fact, it Is as necessary and efficient as the player needs Rocket League Items in the game. Mousesports ranked first in the European division with a score of 1 win and 6 losses. In the semi-finals of Group A, Vitality was defeated by 3 to 2, defeating the original European champion team. Although Vitality is finally eligible to win a single elimination game later in the day, the results show that even the top teams in the game are not invincible. For its part, NRG Esports patrolled through its group stage, and runners-up in North America and Europe will be born tonight, with candidates for Cloud 9 and FC Barcelona. After a full day of competition, the play-off will begin at 12:00 on Sunday. You can watch all the matches on the official live channel. Of course, for winning the game, players can succeed through technology, Rocket League Crates and Rocket League Keys. DreamHack Dallas will participate in other major tournaments this weekend, including Counter-Strike: Global Offense, Classic Halo and a variety of fighting games such as Mortal Kombat 11 and Smash Bros. Ultimate. You can find a list of streams and matching times for all of these lists on the official website.At
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  • 10 Jun 2019
    The Path of Exile Corps update is here, and it has some of the longest patch descriptions I have ever seen. The two most important changes are, first of all, it adds a new Legion Challenge Alliance, where you will visit the battlefield to freeze in time, smash the enemies to wake them up and collect a bunch of spoils. Second, and perhaps more importantly, it includes Action-RPG's long-awaited melee overhaul, which should make the enemy on the face more satisfying. When you attack, you can hit multiple targets by default after the reform, and before, the game will automatically select a target for you, which reduces the accuracy of melee. Of course, now you can also interrupt the release of skills by moving. As long as you don't do any damage to your skills, you can go straight to another skill immediately. Your accuracy is no longer limited to 95%, which means that the enemy will not be able to avoid certain attacks. Enemies with shields can block attacks, but they only block a portion of the damage, not all. Animation should now be smoother: Dual-handed people will "alternate attacks in a more natural way", making your deputy weapon selection even more important. The weapon you use is naturally suitable for you. You should need to purchase POE Currency in the mall or some websites selling game coins to ensure that you can get the best weapon for you in the game. The way the enemy attacks has also changed: they don't just lock on you, they do damage on the 120-degree arc in front of them, which means you can avoid obstacles if you are fast enough. The enemy is now attacking slowly, so it is easier to react with the appropriate action or skill before being hit. For the Legion Challenge Alliance, players will find the boulder they can activate in the world to unfreeze the ancient battlefield and defeat the new active soldiers. You will get a "great reward" from these soldiers, you may even get a split, you can combine it into a badge. Placing two or more badges on the map device will take you into the eternal conflict area, where you will fight against some of the troops you have faced and the new powerful generals. This update also adds a long list of skill gems, POE Orbs and POE Items, including incubators, which only show up when you kill a certain number of monsters. If you are interested, please see the full patch description. You can click on the title in the content to read a specific section. At
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  • 20 Jun 2019
    If you're a fan of Final Fantasy and search forward to the July 2 Final Fantasy XIV Shadowbringers extension, Amazon could have a deal which needs to be used immediately. They partnered with Square Enix to file for an exclusive promotion offering Black Fat Chocobo to mount DLC without cost, and a lot of video games (excluding pre-orders) were purchased for over $19.99. The top goal with the deal may be the Final Fantasy XIV 60-Day Time Card, which may be ordered for $29.99. At the same time, many sites selling FFXIV Gil will even do activities together, for example, MMOAH, when you can actually pay attention to their official website. However, you may take advantage of this transaction in an incredible number of different ways. If you are not thinking about time cards, have a look at Amazon's main video gaming page for further options (PlayStation Classic $29.99 is the one other good goal). Just make sure the offer is classified by the "Special Offers and Product Promotions" area of the product you are enthusiastic about. You should also note which the Black Fat Chocobo code is going to be emailed within a couple of days of the date of purchase. "With the next legendary expansion pack - SHADOWBRINGERS, join the next story of the highly acclaimed Final Fantasy XIV Online! Explore the amazing new environment, meet exotic new races, master exciting new jobs, and Fighting with outstanding people with the new Trust system You started a new journey as a Dark Warrior! More than 14 million adventurers around the world, join the next chapter, become your must. Become a Dark Warrior! Before the next expansion, you Maybe you need to buy more Final Fantasy 14 Gil to wait for the game. Important: Please note that Final Fantasy XIV: The Shadowbringers expansion pack also includes Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward & Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood. This set requires Final Fantasy XIV Online Starter Edition (A Realm Reborn) ) to play games."At
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53 vues Jun 11, 2019
FFXIV players recorded their journey in a maid cafe run by a we
People often ask me why I want to play MMO games. After I answer their venting to some people, I usually be poetic about all the unique human moments that only the MMO type can promote. Reddit user unstablereality has recently had the same experience as the Final Fantasy XIV Maid Cafe in the game. It's just how the sport is a lot more dependent on technology, and also the Final Fantasy XIV remains a bit reliant on FFXIV Gil. If you haven't been to Japan or are not familiar with the concept, then the core is that this organization usually consists of servers in cosplay (FFXIV players like this). A group of players managed to get together, not only to build their own theme cafe, but also to become a server. Found on the Coeurl server in Mist (player housing area), Ward 17, Plot 6, a group of player role-playing (RP) their own maid cafe. This is how they often choose to play games: not by ruthlessly searching for endgame content, but by playing other players and adding another dimension to FFXIV (for real game singers). Again, to clarify, these players actually had to buy the house with Final Fantasy XIV Gil, buy all the furniture, and manually decorate them. This is not the location of the Square Enix design. It is very healthy but not uncommon within the MMO field because I played RPers in Ultimate Online ever since the late 1990s high are many other RP points of sale ahead of the Internet. You can find the complete series of photos here and hear that Occams occasionally discusses what makes Final Fantasy XIV special for him on Podtoid.At

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