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  • 19 Jun 2019
    Today, EA spilled the beans on FIFA 20, which is coming to PS4, Xbox One, PC, and even the Nintendo Switch on September 27, starting at $60. If you have EA Access, then you'll get your hands on the game on September 19. It also revealed the game's first ever trailer, which provides a glimpse into what its gameplay will be like, but there's no raw gameplay footage. It mostly looks like, well, it looks like FIFA, but slightly prettier, more fluid, and with some tweaks here and there.A new FIFA releases every year, which doesn't allow for many grand changes to the formula. As well as tweaks to its authentic football simulation, the headline addition to FIFA 20 is the Volta Football street soccer mode. Channeling the spirit of the dormant FIFA Street, Volta is matches of 3-to-5 players a side, of both men and women, competing in ‘futsal’ matches in tight cages and indoor arenas around the world.“From an underpass in Amsterdam, to a neighborhood cage in London, or a Tokyo rooftop, experience a new side of The World’s Game with VOLTA Football,” EA said on the game’s official website. The new mode will be highly customisable as you kit out your created player in the mode, with a story mode to go alongside a career mode, complete with promotion and relegation and multiplayer.The mode doesn’t look dissimilar to the ‘World of CHEL’ mode in EA’s own ice hockey game NHL 19. That mode is multiplayer based, with custom players competing in fast-paced pond hockey. Loot box-esque ‘kitbags’ are used to custom your own players in NHL and it will be interesting to see if FIFA 20 follows a similar path with Volta, particularly given the current scrutiny over loot box mechanics. Come to now, you can Buy FIFA 20 Coins Comfort Trade with fast delivery and 100% safety. "Take FIFA 19 and AI Defending as a key feedback example. AI Defending has broad impact on multiple in-game mechanics. In order to tune AI Defending appropriately, the team needs enough time to adjust for the impact it will have on other functions on the pitch. This is unlike First-timed Shots accuracy, which are an isolated mechanic that can be tuned without impacting other areas of gameplay." While I've already seen a degree of cynicism about EA's FIFA 20 gameplay news, if EA Sports can successfully implement everything it's outlined in its blog post, this year's game will be all the better for it. But all these gameplay changes must be considered in the context of other issues with FIFA 19, specifically Ultimate Team, that EA has yet to address.
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  • 11 Jul 2019
    With every new FIFA title release, the team at EA introduce new features to fundamental aspects of the game. Whether it's a new tweak to passing, a bigger one to shooting, or a new way to change up your tactics, usually, they will do a more than decent enough job of enhancing gameplay. Moreover these kind of adjustments tend to give competitive and professional gamers an opportunity to revitalize their strategies if not rework the game's meta.This year, it looks like Timed Finishing will be the hallmark of FIFA 19. While Timed Finishing can definitely make the difference between a goal and a miss in some cases, it is not suited to every scenario. You're best saving Timed Finishes to long-ranged shots from outside the box. If you've got time to kill as a cross comes in, adding Timed Finishing to a volley can be great as well. It is not recommended for high-pressure situations, as more often than not, you'll end up fluffing it. If you don't wanna waste time finding FIFA 19 Points, provides Cheap Top Up FIFA 19 Points for you. With a coupon code "MMOCSVIP", you can enjoy 3% off. This new method can be practiced in the practice arena. When you have mastered this technique, it can then be taken into match scenarios and improve your game. In conclusion, it is clearly best to use timed finishing after sprinting and classic finishing in more static positions. Perfect timing doesn’t guarantee that you’ll score every time of course. There are heaps of factors that you need to be aware of before taking the shot, and superstar attackers are obviously more effective than bustling centre-backs at hitting the back of the net.You also need to think about when and where you’re going for goal. Activating Timed Finishing from tight angles, when off-balance, or with a player’s weak foot will naturally make it harder to get your shot on target. Line it up correctly, and your odds of scoring increase.
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168 vues Jun 11, 2019
FIFA 20 contains a FIFA Street-style mode named Volta

FIFA 20 contains a FIFA Street-style mode named Volta, publisher EA has revealed. The mode is a new direction for the mainline FIFA series, which has until now remained relatively realistic and straightforward in its execution. The announcement was made just prior to the start of EA Play, the publisher's pre-E3 event that takes place today, June 8. More news on the recently announced game is expected during the event.

Volta means 'tempo' in Italian, and the term has probably been used for FIFA's new street mode given the fast-pace nature of the game in real life. Current Fulham star & singer/songwriter Chelcee Grimes and former England international Rio Ferdinand quizzed Volta producer Jeff Antwi on the origins of Volta during the E3 stream. Real people, real places and authenticity are just some of the reasons behind the development of Volta as street football returns fully to the FIFA franchise for the first time since 2012.

Players will also be able to play around the world and in various pitches, with street football having different rules to the Futsal game settings. A Tokyo rooftop, London cage and Amsterdam underpass are just three of the venues that have been mentioned.The locations and inclusiveness are crucial to FIFA’s development of Volta as it aims to bring in the culture of street football, in terms of both feel and appearance. If you are in lack of FIFA 20 Comfort Trade, visit our, a reliable and cheap online in-game currency store.

The new FIFA Volta mode will be powered by the same sort of gameplay that can be found in the normal mode, but with some tweaks to enhance the street football experience.Gamers will be able to create their own unique player with a customised look, including hairstyles, clothing, tattoos and celebrations. 'Vanity items' will be available to unlock.In a refreshing move, there is an option to make a male or female character and teams can feature players of both genders.

FIFA 20 arrives September 27th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. A spokesperson for EA Sports told Engadget there's also going to be a version for the Nintendo Switch, though Volta likely won't be available on it since it was built on the Frostbite engine -- similar to The Journey in years past. Now let's see what Pro Evolution Soccer 2020 has to offer in the coming days.