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  • 01 Nov 2019
    Why is the upgrade of Classic WoW more interesting? Although Classic WoW is slower to upgrade than Retail WoW, it seems to me to be more interesting. There is a contradiction between the core of Classic WoW and Retail WoW. It is necessary to solve this contradiction. According to every objective standard and detail, the retail version should be more interesting, faster upgrades, less difficult, more useful talents, and easier tasks. These are the advantages of Retail WoW. To be frank, some tasks are very interesting, thanks to the use of phased content (phased refers to the ability to change the world to find players in specific parts of the quest chain; Classic WoW lacks this feature at all). But one of the consequences of this complete lack of phased results is that the game is very boring. Killing is so fast, even trying to help others is meaningless. When I found them, they had eliminated all the goals. Upgrading in a group will still be faster. But apart from targeting the same type of mob, there is no real need for cooperation. When I am teaming up with others, I assume that any role will contribute to the team - treatment, if I am the only healer, it can be cured; if not, you can use DPS. Too much difficulty in reducing and simplifying the content of the game means that many NPC trainers are now useless in Retail WoW. Although they still exist in the game, they still can't teach you anything, even if the skills are free. Classic WoW requires you to carefully manage your Classic WOW Gold, weighing the benefits of purchasing items and the cost of upgrading your future skills. But this is not required for Retail WoW. Why does Blizzard make the upgrade quick and easy in this way? A full discussion of all the reasons will be revealed in subsequent articles. Some of the reasons Blizzard made changes until later in Classic WoW! We will see them in future comparisons. Click ZZWOW to buy Warcraft Gold now to enjoy the price concessions, a variety of trading methods for you to choose.
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  • 02 Nov 2019
    The voice of WOW players World of Warcraft Classic is designed to guide players into the final content of the game. The ultimate content of the game is that the user level reaches the full level -60. This is a common situation for players. After all, there have been many loyal fans who have reached level 60 before! That's why I don't want to talk about the beauty of this classic community. This is not because the players in the game are not helpful. Instead, they are very willing to help others, because Blizzard's changes to the game between "vanilla" and "Azeroth" may weaken the game's cohesiveness. But these are the changes that Blizzard made to try and support what many players want. Of course, players also have a voice of opposition. But it is not useful. Every extension of World of Warcraft has dramatically changed the underlying game mechanics. When the cross-server battlefield entered, the social dynamics of World of Warcraft changed (I was on my own commander campaign). When multiple teams entered the battlefield, it all changed. When the LFG and LFR tools were added to the game, I clearly knew that it would never go back. Some people prefer the social dynamics of the "vanilla" game, and today those who fight for Azeroth, if you pay for them to do, they will not return to "vanilla." I don't know which one is better, but I know that Vanilla's original social model is definitely not perfect. But what I am going to say is. Now is the best time to play World of Warcraft. The game is the best game on a well-configured server, and many people keep pace with you. Now the most attractive thing for players to come to the book is that if you get a lot of World of Warcraft gold at a low price, you are selling WOW gold cheaply on the official website of MMOWTS. Players who need it are advised to prepare in advance. Classic World is not perfect, but he has won the reputation of early players. Is there a disadvantage in Classic World? The answer is yes. No game is perfect. Players spend a lot of time running from where Azeroth is running, looking for people to post tasks and task participants. When one person takes notes to another, Retail has some better tasks and better task usability. Being able to find a team in the Dungeon Finder, if you only have a short time to play and want to fight in the dungeon, this will be a godsend. Retail World of Warcraft is more flexible and saves you time. When asked which game I prefer, starting at least 1-20, I will choose classic. This situation may change as we progress.
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  • 08 Oct 2019
    World of Warcraft Classic: Second Stage Update Since the launch of the World of Warcraft classics in September, the server is hot. Now the game is welcoming a new version of the update, the classic version The second phase release time is coming soon. The official game team is expected to release a new version this month. The new version is called Dire Maul and is scheduled to go live this month. Blizzard confirmed today that Dire Maul will no longer be part of the second phase of the World of Warcraft classic release. As the game development team revealed a few months ago, the World of Warcraft classic update method will be divided into several stages and will continue to be released, and will not be updated all at once. The move is to continuously upload new features and new gameplay while drawing on the opinions of the community and players, while continuously modifying the internal and unreasonable aspects of the game. The second update plan is scheduled to be released later this year, but the official team did not disclose the specific release date. Originally it will include Dire Maul, but the plan has changed, probably because new content is needed before the second phase starts. The first phase of the game was mainly to launch Classic through Onyxia and Molten Core, but due to force majeure, it was decided to suspend Dire Maul for a while, which means that the release of the new version still needs to wait for a while. Use WOW Classic Gold to quickly upgrade your game level, and now you will receive a special gift. Maraudon is still in the first stage because it was originally released on December 18, 2004. It was only two weeks before the first player reached level 60, which made our game team realize the difficulty of continuously strengthening Dire Maul. We have redesigned the new version of the upgrade mechanism to improve the difficulty of the game, while avoiding some of the game players maliciously brushing experience and quickly upgrade. To purchase World of Warcraft gold coins, please click, we guarantee the cheapest price and the fastest delivery. The loot provided by Doom has been so popular with players that most players like to choose this level. The consequence of this is that it affects the balance within the early game. For the same reason, the official game design team decided to postpone the release of the Kazzak and Azuregos project plans. Today, Blizzard has confirmed that Dire Maul will be released this week on October 15 and will be separated from the rest of the game in the second phase. At the same time, game director Ion Hazzikostas provided an update video that introduced the new version of the game features, special effects details and more. It sounds like after the release of Dire Maul, there will be more content soon, although it may be named BlizzCon in early November and pushed to the majority of gamers. Currently, after the release of Dire Maul, the second phase is expected to include Azuregos and Kazzak. Blizzard has confirmed that it needs to remove the layering before adding the new World Bosses to the game. This operation is crucial because it can only be used to provide a version for World of Warcraft classic players at a time. Since the launch of World of Warcraft Classics for the past five weeks, the team has been monitoring the number of players in the inner part of the game, and will use the stratification layer to ease the congestion caused by too many players in a certain area. . As we said before, before we introduced World Bosses, we put all areas at a level, and much progress has been made to achieve this. Looking forward to the update of the game can bring more surprises to the players.
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  • 22 Jan 2020
    Since the launch of the 8.0 expansion "Clash of Azeroth", the designer has also presented players with a lot of new game content. In addition to the most basic PVE content-the team copy and the five secret copy of the Great Rift, there are also Many games suitable for casual players, today I will summarize with you, what are the new content in 8.3, or what changes have been made based on the original? Island adventure As a new addition to the original Azeroth expansion film, Island Expedition is not so much an "exploration" as an ultimate "tool map" for players. At the beginning of each small version, in order to quickly upgrade Azeroth The heart of the Si necklace, many players repeatedly brush the artifact energy in the island, a wave of Qionghua Village can be called "strange art", and the weekly weekly reward is also the motivation for players to experience it occasionally. There is no actual change in the 8.3 island expedition at present, but an NPC has been added, which is a disguised increase in the probability of players getting items dropped by the island expedition. Collections of mounts, pets, and transfigurations from the previous island map can only be obtained by playing island adventures, and this NPC will refresh different items every week, and three salvaged large wooden boxes will appear each time. The three levels of boxes are ordinary, hero, and epic. They can open more than three island items and an unlimited number of Buy WOW Classic Gold. Players can spend money to buy boxes at this merchant for lottery, and suddenly think of themselves all the way Nearly 10,000 seafarers' coins have suddenly had a consumption channel, and it's quite happy to think about it. New Horror Illusion The new "Illusion of Horror" added in the 8.3 version is a link to the game content-it is similar to the previous single-player campaigns such as the training of the dead and the death of Cromy, but also supports teaming up to 5 people The gameplay is also a simulation test for the single-player big secret "climbing tower" mode in the future version 9.0. The two are similar but not the same. The ghost illusion has a fixed mission goal, and the completion of the mission is considered a victory. After making preparations and becoming familiar with the route and process, it should be a relatively easy task to complete the apparition. In the later stage, the player's fun should be to challenge those "very dangerous areas". In the future 9.0 tower climbing mode, all reward targets include monster types, WOW Classic Gold, and numbers are randomly generated, with greater uncertainty. From here we can see that designers are increasingly starting to consider the feelings of individual players. Although MMORPG's in-game social networking is very important, it is difficult for many special players to have too much energy to spend in the game every day. People who come here to meet friends, and occasionally go online to experience new game content, is a very happy thing for them.
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395 vues Oct 09, 2019
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil One of the main characters of the World of Warcraft series produced by Blizzard Entertainment. “His evil is a legend. He is the king of the Undead Skaji, the master of the Holy Frost of Rune, and the enemy of all free races of Azeroth. Rich King is unparalleled power and very cold. Ice His colder incarnation of his soul is swallowed by his grand plan, in which he destroys all the creatures of the world. But he was not always like this. Before his soul merged with the Oak Shaman Knell, Rich King was Alsatian Mentil, Lord Lord Aaron and faithful silver handed paladin. When Undead plague threatens the country he loves, Alsace is destined for a tragic job-he wants to find a rune sword that will help him save his homeland. However, the holy sword pays a heavy price to the new owner and tries to fall into a terrible curse. It led Altas to the extreme northern wilderness and reached the frozen throne. There, Arthurs faces the end of a journey of suffering-the darkest fate of the world. " Character setting Arthas was the most tragic hero in the Warcraft series and the prince of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, the heroic paladin of the Silver Knights. He owns countless WOW Classic Gold, and these World of Warcraft gold coins make him invincible in the game. Players who wish to receive World of Warcraft gold coins will purchase at Later, he was tempted by Rich King to protect the people of his home country. Because of disagreements and the hostility of mentors and lovers, under the influence of a strong revenge, he took the cursed weapon Frost Morne-an ancient magic sword that can eat the souls of others. Alsace gained power from it, but became a death knight who believed in the darkness. Later, his uncle took that position, transformed the entire Lordaeron kingdom into human hell, finally stepped into the frozen throne and became the new Lich King with Lich King. Former World of WarCraft chief designer Jeffrey Kaplan once said that he felt Artus was a very striking character. Even if you become a demon-level villain in World of Warcraft, he still finds this rollmaking process very interesting. WOW Classic Power Leveling is a service that upgrades the level of your World of Warcraft account. Many players get a slow upgrade after playing to some extent, but they can solve difficult system tasks in the game and gain more experience at once. As your level rises rapidly. birth Arthas Menethil has Terenas Menethil II, Lord of the Lordaeron Alliance, a benevolent and brilliant father. He grew up to be a strong and confident young man under his father's gaze. He was the brother of the dwarf King Magni Bronze Beard, the dwarf hero Mladin Bronze Beard, to follow the Iron Forge messenger and learn various combat and weapon skills. Arthas also followed the legendary hero Light Messenger Uther, studied the light of light, became officially a paladin at the age of 19, and joined the Silver Hand Knights. Arthas is stubborn and stubborn, but sometimes impulsive and prideful, no one can deny his courage and tenacity, and he is not afraid of even the most dangerous work. When Zlamantroll broke into the allied Kuertara border, Alsace took part in the battle and gave justice.