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  • 30 Sep 2019
    World of Warcraft classic strong return, player enthusiasm is still there! Years ago, Blizzard Games Company took advantage of World of Warcraft classics to create a wave of enthusiasm in the mmorpg world, so that the majority of gamers can truly and unforgettable to understand that MMORPG games can also achieve such excellent results. A blink of an eye has been flying for more than a decade, and World of Warcraft has undergone many major versions of change, the game screen has become more refined, and the strategy has become more interesting. But the essence of the game is always the same, and it has always been preserved in the evolution of countless versions. During the 2017 Game Carnival, Blizzard Games announced that the much-anticipated "World of Warcraft Classic" server has been put into use. After several years of preparation, these servers have been debugged and running smoothly, with the help of these servers. Their experience in the game will be further improved, for example, it can greatly slow down the game's delay, lower the packet loss rate, and the player can smoothly transition when switching servers without directly dropping the line as before. Since the Wrath of the Lich King, fans have been hoping that the game team will be able to set up more servers in the bottom layer of the game. And provide the original version as in 2004. But according to the game director, Blizzard will never be released at the Blizzcon 2013 conference! After the success of the World of Warcraft classic game, a large number of games began to flood the various platforms of the network. The game was so popular that the official team was unexpected. Although the official game team has not officially announced the number of game servers, but as far as I am on the experience of playing on the server, it is safe to say that "World of Warcraft" is as lively as ever. Especially considering that the current client of the game is not lacking players. And the official is also for this version of the game continues to warm up for a few weeks, the game's activity has not decreased. Click on Classic WOW Gold to buy World of Warcraft gold coins, let the glory continue in the game! From the past to the present, from the tribe to the alliance. At the beginning of this version, World of Warcraft brought the players back to the original version - Azeroth. The latter is equivalent to playing the role of the "World of Warcraft" game console, especially the 1.12 version. The game has always played a leading role in MMO games and has remained so far. Although many of the great features in World of Warcraft Classic still exist, they still can't stop the dazzling new features. At the same time, some of the bugs in the game, the imbalance also makes him look very kind. The action bar is once again full of abilities and talents. These skills and talents are stripped from the game in Pandiya Fog to attract casual gamers. This alliance has been around for 15 years with World of Warcraft. In these days of playing World of Warcraft, I have encountered many examples of players helping each other. I saw that the Senior Guild helped their friends to cross the area full of enemies, and there were dangerous gimmicks waiting for them in front of the enemy. I saw players throwing WOW Classic Gold For Sale to completely strangers so they can acquire new skills, and in today's version, this is no longer the same thing. If World of Warcraft Classic has a layered system with live games, it will all change.
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  • 08 Oct 2019
    World of Warcraft Classic: Second Stage Update Since the launch of the World of Warcraft classics in September, the server is hot. Now the game is welcoming a new version of the update, the classic version The second phase release time is coming soon. The official game team is expected to release a new version this month. The new version is called Dire Maul and is scheduled to go live this month. Blizzard confirmed today that Dire Maul will no longer be part of the second phase of the World of Warcraft classic release. As the game development team revealed a few months ago, the World of Warcraft classic update method will be divided into several stages and will continue to be released, and will not be updated all at once. The move is to continuously upload new features and new gameplay while drawing on the opinions of the community and players, while continuously modifying the internal and unreasonable aspects of the game. The second update plan is scheduled to be released later this year, but the official team did not disclose the specific release date. Originally it will include Dire Maul, but the plan has changed, probably because new content is needed before the second phase starts. The first phase of the game was mainly to launch Classic through Onyxia and Molten Core, but due to force majeure, it was decided to suspend Dire Maul for a while, which means that the release of the new version still needs to wait for a while. Use WOW Classic Gold to quickly upgrade your game level, and now you will receive a special gift. Maraudon is still in the first stage because it was originally released on December 18, 2004. It was only two weeks before the first player reached level 60, which made our game team realize the difficulty of continuously strengthening Dire Maul. We have redesigned the new version of the upgrade mechanism to improve the difficulty of the game, while avoiding some of the game players maliciously brushing experience and quickly upgrade. To purchase World of Warcraft gold coins, please click, we guarantee the cheapest price and the fastest delivery. The loot provided by Doom has been so popular with players that most players like to choose this level. The consequence of this is that it affects the balance within the early game. For the same reason, the official game design team decided to postpone the release of the Kazzak and Azuregos project plans. Today, Blizzard has confirmed that Dire Maul will be released this week on October 15 and will be separated from the rest of the game in the second phase. At the same time, game director Ion Hazzikostas provided an update video that introduced the new version of the game features, special effects details and more. It sounds like after the release of Dire Maul, there will be more content soon, although it may be named BlizzCon in early November and pushed to the majority of gamers. Currently, after the release of Dire Maul, the second phase is expected to include Azuregos and Kazzak. Blizzard has confirmed that it needs to remove the layering before adding the new World Bosses to the game. This operation is crucial because it can only be used to provide a version for World of Warcraft classic players at a time. Since the launch of World of Warcraft Classics for the past five weeks, the team has been monitoring the number of players in the inner part of the game, and will use the stratification layer to ease the congestion caused by too many players in a certain area. . As we said before, before we introduced World Bosses, we put all areas at a level, and much progress has been made to achieve this. Looking forward to the update of the game can bring more surprises to the players.
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  • 11 Oct 2019
    World of Warcraft auction house renovation, players expressed their expectations Recently, according to the news released by the official team, the World of Warcraft auction house will enter the stage of renovation, and the players are very excited about this news. Because in World of Warcraft, the auction house has been maintaining its appearance for many years and has not improved in any way. Now the news of the renovation of the auction house makes the players look forward to it. Players in the community want to be able to add new features while improving the user experience. Just the day before yesterday, game team president Ion Hazzikostas released an 18-minute video. Through this 18-minute video, it reveals a great amount of information. The first thing we can be sure of is that it contains most of the expected features, and even unexpected updates from the players. It sounds great! Included in a brand new raid, new race and a brand new auction house. A completely revised auction house system is the most unexpected project for the players. After the revision, the auction house can make the transactions between players more convenient, save time and safety! Never worry about the delay in the Buy WOW Classic Gold. This is more than just a UI reskin,” game director Ion Hazzikostas explained in the video above. In fact, the game launch team redesigned and rebuilt the core of the entire system, enabling it to run at a faster rate. With multiple servers, what we can do is to do our best to optimize the game details and improve the previous deficiencies. It makes it faster, more powerful, and gets rid of the annoying stacks that no one likes. We realize that every day There are at least 100,000 transactions in the auction house, so I hope to create a smooth, easy-to-use modern system. The problem with the current auction house is that many of the most common trading items are placed in the system and cannot be split or partially sold. If I want to sell dozens of iron bars in the auction house, the players must buy them all to complete the transaction. But in fact, perhaps the players who buy may not need so many iron bars. Therefore, he may give up the transaction. This makes the players who sell the items very angry. But another problem that comes with it is that a considerable number of players like to purchase large quantities of equipment, and bulk purchases of bulk-ordered items make the entire system extremely stupid. That's why the players who often use the auction house are very unhappy. Now, the auction house has modified this to allow players to buy or sell items and equipment as they wish. Click ZZWOW, maybe players can find more items they like here.
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  • 12 Oct 2019
    World of Warcraft: the confrontation between new players and old players In the many different ways in which World of Warcraft has folded time and space from the past to the present, my favorite is the generation gap between old players and novices. As a member of the old game, when I met with people who had never experienced the original state of World of Warcraft, I felt warm and awkward. I feel like a sherpa: I finally have a chance to show rather than tell the story of the ancient Azeroth. But there is a heated debate that is tearing the relationship between veterans and novices. Because in the early days to simplify the infamous dungeon "Deadmines" in the game, there was an endless war between the novices and the old players. For laymen, The Deadmines is the first experience that most league players play in a dungeon. In the depths of a forgotten Westphal quarry, you will find the mighty Edwin VanCleef driving his Titan and leading the Defias Alliance's internal sanctuary. He has been one of the most iconic adventures in game history from the past to the present. When I started online games in 2005, I always abbreviated the VanCleef dungeon as VC. So, in jargon, you might see messages like "seeking a VC's healer" or "LFG VC" appearing in the forum because the players are trying to summon five friends to challenge the dungeon. Click to view the details. The strangest thing is that no other dungeon in the game is referred to by the initials of its ultimate boss. But the reason we didn't use the more obvious DM is actually based on some elegant logic. Shortly after the release of World of Warcraft, Blizzard released Dire Maul, a large maze in the ruins of the elves. So players like to refer to it as DM. To summarize: "LFG VC" means you are looking for a Deadmines group, and "LFG DM" means you are looking for a Dire Maul group.
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84 vues Oct 09, 2019
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil One of the main characters of the World of Warcraft series produced by Blizzard Entertainment. “His evil is a legend. He is the king of the Undead Skaji, the master of the Holy Frost of Rune, and the enemy of all free races of Azeroth. Rich King is unparalleled power and very cold. Ice His colder incarnation of his soul is swallowed by his grand plan, in which he destroys all the creatures of the world. But he was not always like this. Before his soul merged with the Oak Shaman Knell, Rich King was Alsatian Mentil, Lord Lord Aaron and faithful silver handed paladin. When Undead plague threatens the country he loves, Alsace is destined for a tragic job-he wants to find a rune sword that will help him save his homeland. However, the holy sword pays a heavy price to the new owner and tries to fall into a terrible curse. It led Altas to the extreme northern wilderness and reached the frozen throne. There, Arthurs faces the end of a journey of suffering-the darkest fate of the world. " Character setting Arthas was the most tragic hero in the Warcraft series and the prince of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, the heroic paladin of the Silver Knights. He owns countless WOW Classic Gold, and these World of Warcraft gold coins make him invincible in the game. Players who wish to receive World of Warcraft gold coins will purchase at Later, he was tempted by Rich King to protect the people of his home country. Because of disagreements and the hostility of mentors and lovers, under the influence of a strong revenge, he took the cursed weapon Frost Morne-an ancient magic sword that can eat the souls of others. Alsace gained power from it, but became a death knight who believed in the darkness. Later, his uncle took that position, transformed the entire Lordaeron kingdom into human hell, finally stepped into the frozen throne and became the new Lich King with Lich King. Former World of WarCraft chief designer Jeffrey Kaplan once said that he felt Artus was a very striking character. Even if you become a demon-level villain in World of Warcraft, he still finds this rollmaking process very interesting. WOW Classic Power Leveling is a service that upgrades the level of your World of Warcraft account. Many players get a slow upgrade after playing to some extent, but they can solve difficult system tasks in the game and gain more experience at once. As your level rises rapidly. birth Arthas Menethil has Terenas Menethil II, Lord of the Lordaeron Alliance, a benevolent and brilliant father. He grew up to be a strong and confident young man under his father's gaze. He was the brother of the dwarf King Magni Bronze Beard, the dwarf hero Mladin Bronze Beard, to follow the Iron Forge messenger and learn various combat and weapon skills. Arthas also followed the legendary hero Light Messenger Uther, studied the light of light, became officially a paladin at the age of 19, and joined the Silver Hand Knights. Arthas is stubborn and stubborn, but sometimes impulsive and prideful, no one can deny his courage and tenacity, and he is not afraid of even the most dangerous work. When Zlamantroll broke into the allied Kuertara border, Alsace took part in the battle and gave justice.