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  • 30 Dec 2019
    Madden 20 Ultimate Team's NFL Top 100 plan adds four legendary quarterbacks: Joe Montana, John Elvey, Tom Brady and Payton Manning. Madden 20 Ultimate Team's NFL Top 100 program is the NFL's centennial event, which ended this week with the release of four legendary quarterbacks. Special editions of Joe Montana, John Elway, Tom Brady and Peyton Manning are now available in MUT. Players will also have more options, but before that, make sure you have enough Madden Coins . By convention, there are three different versions of each player: Power On, Basic (85 OVR) and Centennial Edition (95 OVR). The Centennial Edition can be obtained by putting together any of the 25 Week 5 NFL 100 basic players. It's no surprise to see these four players representing Madden's quarterback rugby top 100 plan. Joe Montana is widely regarded as the greatest quarterback ever, and Tom Brady is the most successful quarterback ever in the Super Bowl, with six championship rings. Manning may be the best pure passer of the four. Nine-time professional bowler John Elway is the best starting quarterback ever in the NFL when he was in the Super Bowl XXXII and XXXIII Retired after winning the back-to-back championship. Brady and Manning are second and third in the NFL history with 74,350 and 71,940 respectively. They tied for second in 539 passing touchdowns, behind Drew Brees' 544. All four quarterbacks should be at the top of the NFL 100, but there must be some obvious omissions. Most notably, Dan Marino and Brett Favre have been omitted. Favre is fourth (71,838), and Marino is fifth in history (61,361). They also rank fourth and fifth in touchdowns; Favre has 508 and Marino has 420. One could say that Marino and Favre were left out. Some might argue that Roger Staubach, Johnny Unitas, and even Drew Brees are included. But unfortunately, there is not enough room to celebrate them in the Madden Ultimate Team, so the four people we now have are Montana, Herve, Brady, and Manning. GameMS brings you the latest news about Madden 20. At the same time, you can also buy Madden 20 Coins in our shop at a cheap price, allowing you to build your team as quickly as possible.
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  • 06 Jan 2020
    The NFL playoffs are coming. Which teams will advance? This is what Madden predicts will happen. Let's follow the best Madden coins seller Madden 20 Coins for more details. After winning the playoffs before the end of the regular season, both Buffalo Bill and the Houston Texans lost before Saturday at noon in Week 17 against Houston. Their game is closely followed by another AFC wildcard game as the New England Patriots find themselves in a strange place, the wildcard round. They host the Tennessee Giants. On Sunday, this was a turning point for the AFC. A Minnesota Vikings team hoping to be healthier faces a mission to New Orleans to challenge the Saints, who slipped to No. 3 seed after winning the Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers in Week 17. At the same time, the 11-5 Seattle Seahawks will head to face the 9-7 Philadelphia Eagles in an attempt to rematch with their division opponents 49ers. If Madden is right, the rookie running back to Devin Singletary is going to play a professional game, he has only 111 yards and four touchdowns and has won 45-28 bills with just 12 credits. For many, the results of this game seem unquestionable. Although they struggled in the regular season, the New England Patriots, who play at home, rarely win, and the Titans won't change that, right? Correct. At least according to Madden. Although the "Titans" team is expected to surpass the "Patriots" team, and they will not lose the dispute over turnovers, they just cannot get enough scoring positions to score. In the fourth quarter, tied for 14th place, the game was played there, but only Pats made two touchdowns while leaving the Titans blank. Although Madden is very accurate at present, it is only just predicting that the real stadium is always full of various changes. This is exactly the charm of the NFL. Learn more about Madden 20 related game information and buy Madden Coins at a cheap price. Follow GameMS, we all have what you want.
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  • 07 Jan 2020
    The latest settings of the ultimate team provide some superb cards for each player. Who is the best? To celebrate the playoffs, Madden Ultimate Team abandoned a new card program: the NFL Playoffs. Even in the best lineup, the start of this set of games will be the starter, but even at lower OVR levels, a few of these cards can improve some of the bargaining players you have been using. Buy Madden 20 Coins at GameMS will help you get the player cards you want as fast as possible. Champ Bailey (96 OVR) Welcome to the new best cornerback in the game. Or at least a challenger to the Deion Sanders NFL 100 card, which has been threatening players since its launch. The Broncos icon already has a strong legendary card, but he came as a defensive playoff's main card and is a strong player. His 96-man cover and 94 speed make him a weapon on the pitch. Terrell Owens (96 OVR) Terrell Owens became an offensive master in the program. His 96 OVR card is a challenging beast for any player. Almost every key catch statistic has 92+, while a high jump of 94 is the main red zone catcher. His ball is also big. Travis Kelce (95 OVR) Travis Kelce is not the best tight-fitting hole card, nor is it the fastest, but as part of a wider team strategy, this position is difficult to fill, and his status as a chief player does Very helpful. Kelce joining your team will bring a lethal weapon to your team's offense, but also improve the team's chemistry and make the team better. Marshawn Lynch (95 OVR) The return of the beast mode made MUT players salivate, and this card performed better than expected. Marshawn Lynch's playoff hero cards are as real as their bodies. With a large capacity of 96 trucks, 95 tackles and a carrying capacity of 94 cars, it is almost impossible for him to stop in the open space, and the truck at the right time will send the best guard. Compared to people like Bo Jackson, Walter Payton and Eric Dickerson, his card costs less Madden Coins. Dee Ford (95 OVR) Dashing is always important, and the NFL playoff series introduces elite players with Deers Ford ending 49ers. Ford's 96-step fine motion is the highest in the MUT, and his 90-force motion, 86 speed and 85 power are all good. He is a behemoth capable of defending 4-3 and will also be excellent in 3-4. If you're not too worried about chemicals, you can sit him on OLB and watch him fall in love from there.
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  • 19 Feb 2020
    Grinding Gear Games set a timetable for the Path of Exile in the next few weeks through news posted on the game forums, and the next league is coming. The next expansion and challenge alliance is scheduled to be released on March 13. Get ready for your sprint for the next season, Buy POE Currency on to help you improve your strength faster. The studio arranged an official performance for this new league at 9 pm on February 25th. At the same time, a new Patron Pack collection will appear on the PC and replace existing Packs. For console gamers, this replacement will take place when the league exits, which is "a priori on Friday, March 13th." As a result, the Metamorph Alliance will exit on PC on March 9 and then on PS4 and Xbox One about a week later. It's unknown whether the mechanics will be integrated into the base game, but the answer will also be given in the "Development Manifesto" next week. Last week, Grinding Gear Games pointed out that its latest Path of Exile expansion will be announced in the coming weeks. Now, it has been confirmed in a recent forum post that the 3.10.0 extension announcement is scheduled to be released at midnight PST on February 25. The developer's goal is to release on March 13, PST. There is currently no confirmed release date, which will be confirmed by next week's release. PC players can expect some new league support packages to be released, although the current support packages will soon be unavailable. The current Challenge Alliance Metamorph will end on March 9th Pacific Standard Time, and console owners will have another week. If the feedback is good, Challenge League is usually included in the core game. So next week, I hope to understand the future of the Metamorph mechanism. At the same time, if you need to complete any challenges in the current league, do your research. will also continue to bring you the latest news on the Path of Exile. If you need to know in time, you can follow us and Buy Path of Exile Currency in our store at a very low price. Recall that Grinding Gear Games plans to keep up with the new league every three months in 2020 while working on "Path of Exile 2" and its new seven-act battle, its public beta will begin in late 2020.
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Dossiers 168 vues Dec 31, 2019
Madden 20: The Best Kansas City Chiefs Card on MUT
The Kansas City Chiefs is a historic franchise of the NFL, but has only one Superbowl name, which is an undulating existence. They are on the rise and last year their QB champion Patrick Mahomes was unlucky in the MVP season. He suffered minor injuries this season, but remains a strong contender at the AFC. To activate Steelers' team chemistry level 1, you need the team to provide five cards and prepare enough Madden 20 Coins, because these cards are not cheap, so which player is the best one to use? Bobby Bell (94 OVR) NFL 100 The NFL 100 is the best player ever, and Bobby Bell is ranked 69th on the list. This guy is a defender's brick wall and is equally good at defensive passing and running. Bell is a prolific 92 receiver-he will make mistakes at 90 percent and he is always recognized with 92 plays. Willie Lanier (94 OVR) NFL 100 Ranked No. 52 on the NFL 100 list, Lanier is another outstanding list in Kansas City, and it is also his hard stop. MUT's 94 hitting force can cause serious damage, and the 94 scaffold with a 91 tackle and chase means Lanier is an absolute tackle. Tony Gonzalez (94 OVR) NFL 100 Ranked 45th on the NFL 100 list, Gonzales is a new member of the Hall of Fame. Gonzalez was an incredible receiver in his career, with 94 catches, 92 shorts, and 93 catches. His 93 jumps, 87 speeds, and 88 accelerations made him a deadly passer. A 66 running block is a good choice, but you'll want to score a TD with him on a pass hit by MUT. Kendall Fuller (93 OVR) Ultimate Kickoff Since joining the Washington Redskins in 2016 to join Fuller, Fuller has performed well. Fuller was traded to KC and quickly became their first CB. The 91-man screen made it difficult for him to get out of defense, and the 86-zone screen also made him a good choice. A good 89 speed and 91 acceleration means that he will not be burned by the receiver. Auction House Value is up to 550,000. Buy Madden Coins on GameMS can help you achieve that quickly, which is great. Dante Church (93 OVR) Most Feared Returning expert Dante Hall was named after the Emirates 2x Pro Bowler in the early 2000s. 92 speed and 93 acceleration are convenient, but especially combine the agility of 93 and the elusive of 94. His 93 breakthrough tackles are dangerous, and you can expect to excel in a special team and get a yard ball after receiving the pass.