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  • 22 Feb 2020
    A working cellphone must be in constant communication with its network provider via a cell tower or base station. By sending out radio waves in cellphone frequencies, jammers launch denial-of-service attacks (DoS), causing mobile devices to lose base station communication. A cell phone jammer is a device that blocks transmission or reception of signals, usually by creating some form of interference at the same frequency ranges that cell phones use. As a result, a cell phone user will either lose the signal or experience a significant loss of signal quality. Its emission of electromagnetic disturbance signal carrier frequency and the carrier frequency of the same, so be a receiver and amplifier demodulation (reduction), interference signal and interference signals in the receiving terminal at the same time. It's like with fake goods (like interference signals) transporter and transporter of real jamming signal (like) model (carrier frequency), the same appearance only car from goods receiving, the result is really fake goods to the shipper together. Electronic jamming power strong enough, capped by interference signal, the interference can be to achieve. These cellular jammers are permanently controlled by a central administrator who can authorize or prohibit cellular communications. These cellular jammers are connected via a CAN (Controller Area Network) network in a local area network and managed by a central base station (CBS). The intelligent scrambling system controls everything from detection to alert when and where an individual cell phone tries to establish a call, to block calls.
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Jammer is the most effective tool for those who are addicted to
In reference to the mobile phone, many people firstly think about its convenience brought to our life. While different people in different situations may have different opinions about the same thing. In many situations mobile phone is not as the good as before. For example, mobile phones can cause a distraction in education, especially in school. So there is a hot topic that should the mobile phone signal blocker be used in school. As we all know that, there should be a limited time to learn that is the school. Playing with mobile phone is something many people like, but it can get in the way of the things that we need to do. In classes teachers dislike the continuous rings of the cell phone totally because it will disturb the class order naturally. So many parents and teachers advocate the use of the mobile phone signal blocker in school. Maybe it is not feasible and legal to confiscate the mobile phones of students. But is is polite and reasonable to use the mobile phone signal gps jammer in class. This is the big role of the phone jammer in education. There should be a time to do the things we enjoy, like pay attention in class. Alexander Larsen, Grayslake: "I would allow them, but with some technology implemented to limit their accessibility. The easiest solution would be to install commercial-use cell-signal cell phone jammer into the classrooms. These could be small in area of effect, so after exiting the classroom, normal functionality would return." In the information age, mobile phones seem to have become a necessity for life, and nowadays it is not uncommon for students to bring mobile phones to school. Although small and medium-sized schools around the world are not allowed to carry mobile phones while they are in school, the phenomenon has repeatedly been banned. In recent days, a high school in the provincial capital has been forced to turn off the lights in the evening and turn on the "high-tech" -- mobile phone screening device. I didn't think that the kind act attracted some parents' complaints. One was that they were afraid that the screening instrument was not good for the students' health, and the other was that they would lose contact in the middle of the night. The school was forced to stop using mobile phone shielding. A mobile phone wifi jammer device is a common tool that is utilized to avoid the transmission of cell network signals to the mobile phones, hereby jamming all the phones. There are opportunities when we meet some people who don’t understand the mobile telephone etiquette and talk loudly on telephones in social locations such as temples, libraries and theatrical houses. Those are places where the necessity of a mobile phone jamming device appears. Mobile phones are simply like those two-way radio stations and likewise, it’s probable to jam the signals approaching to the mobile phone. This may be done utilizing the GSM jamming devices.

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