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players will get driver challenges, which reward things

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    24 décembre 2020 07:45:17 CET
    are longer with different movement ventures all through a season, and premium pass proprietors will get twofold the measure of the two Rocket League Items difficulties. Notwithstanding those, players will get driver challenges, which reward things that were remembered for the base game before its allowed to-play dispatch. Week after week challenges are just opened in the wake of finishing these or by hitting level 20. Difficulties will turn into the essential wellspring of procuring rewards, supplanting the current experience focuses based framework. The game will get another test menu where they can follow progress and guarantee drops.The greatest new component coming to Rocket League is the Competitive Tournament, a positioned mode where 32 groups of three contend in a solitary disposal design. Every locale will have various competitions booked each day.
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    30 décembre 2020 10:40:14 CET
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