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At the southern purpose of the waterway there is a Russian

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    4 janvier 2021 07:33:29 CET
    At the southern purpose of the waterway there is a Russian detour along the street. In the event that the searchlight on the door is on, at that point you can utilize this area to remove. Know about the long sightlines across the waterway and not far EFT Items off. On the southeast side of the guide, wrapped up some greenery behind a distribution center, is a subsequent fortification. This one has a searchlight like the RUAF detour and is just usable when it's on.At the south of the distribution center area is a scaffold with some old train vehicles deserted on it. On the off chance that you ignore beneath or, you will arrive at a ruined corner store. There will be green flares to flag that the concentrate is accessible and will expect you to go inside the structure and down certain steps in the back to come to your evac point. Know about Scavs who produce here. Old Gas Station is additionally an impasse, so you'll need to battle out if another PMC crew follows you in. While little spots of plunder are dissipated across the guide, you'll need to make a beeline for dormitories to get some first-class things. The two structures in the north of the guide contain numerous weapon boxes where you can discover connections and firearms. Frequently there will be Scavs in and around the structures who you can take out for some stuff and items.Inside the three-story building is a room bolted with a checked key. Gaining admittance to this room can give unfathomably significant things, going from the M416 attack rifle, to a weapons case worth over 1,000,000 roubles. Different players will probably be gunning for this plunder, so be prepared for hefty discharge.