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    8 septembre 2018

    RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug. 15 (Xinhua) -- Following is the schedule of Rio Olympics finals to be contested on Tuesday, August 16 (all local time):

    Marathon swimming

    9:00 Men's 10km

    Canoe sprint

    9:08 Men's canoe singles 1000m

    9:23 Women's kayak double 500m

    9:47 Women's kayak single 200m

    10:12 Men's kayak single 1000m


    9:50 Men's triple jump

    11:20 Women's discus throw

    20:30 Men's high jump

    22:30 Women's 1500m

    22:45 Men's 110m hurdles


    13:05 Men's Finn

    14:05 Nacra 17 Mixed

    Synchronized swimming

    14:00 Duets free routine


    14:00 Men's parallel bars

    14:47 Women's floor exercise

    15:34 Men's horizontal bar

    Track cycling

    17:05 Women's Omnium points race 66

    18:04 Women's sprint race 2

    18:14 Men's Keirin

    18:26 Women's sprint race 3 (race 3 only takes place when race 2 does not decide the winner)


    17:30 Men's Greco-Roman 66kg

    18:30 Men's Greco-Roman 98kg


    18:00 Men's 3m springboard


    19:00 Men's +105kg


    19:15 Men's lightweight 60kg

    Table tennis

    19:30 Women's team

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